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Dev.Land is a WordPress plugin, that can quickly install features to help your website. All of these ‘key features’ by category below in order for you to enhance your website easily in minutes.


Improving preload, browser handling, resources, and more.


Limit the site default settings to be more secure.


Reducing file size, and loading only what is needed.


Intelligent delivery, and reduced use of resource management.


Page Caching
Enable this app for better page caching. Caching (stored for 30 days), cleared via CRON after 30 days for server optimazation. Cached files autoupdating as changes are published. Generate posts and page into cached files from the database. Cached Pages get a HTTP header and HTML comment.

Classic Styles
Disable Classic WordPress Bloat for a faster website. This make be an enhanced use case, but depends on your theme, but overall this should speed up your website.

Load site resources in the browser, before the page renders. It’s recommended to load in images before the render of the page catches up to prevent bouncing and jumping in your browser.

Database Limit
Database calls can exceed 100’s of items to be returned, enabling the limit will change your site to only return as many as 10 items which will speed up your SQL performance.

Ping Google
Send an alert on publishing content that google should take a look at your sitemap.


XML-RPC Disabled
Block external access to publishing on your website

Login Mover
Moves the url to login to your WordPress website, the new location is set to: yourwebsite.com/wpspeed-login/ *in the future we plan on letting the user rename the login path so its even more secure. We also block user account lookups via WordPress API, and block other potential attacks.

Content Security Policy
The CSP is a built in feature set to make your site more secure in the browser.

Save Local
Skip external posting as sometimes publishing will be trigger pushing content to third party websites.

Go through your logs, block bad bot, ban abusive users, and configure advanced settings.


Simply turn on this functionality to enable WebP images, prerequisite is to have the server side requirements installed. After that any upload will be served as .webp and redirected to the .webp if the image is available on the server.

SrcSet Disable
Disables srcset in featured posts as WordPress enables this by default. Having this on will improve mobile performance consider it will only make a single request per image.

Preload Images Above Fold
Stop your webpage from over requesting images you don’t need yet, and speed up the images you do need.

AVIF image file type which can compress images with the best quality available.


Emoji Disable
Removal of WordPress Emoji library, in performance tests this shows to slow down.

Contact Form 7
Load forms faster for speed and vital performance, *Coming soon you will need to specify which template you want this to happen on.

Script Resources
Combine your scripts into one script, which will save resource requests. In order to have the script resource work as per it’s design. It will read all the .js scripts inside your main theme folder located under the folder named JS see the path.maintheme/js/main.js once your scripts are all located there it will combine them into a single file dynamically which you can have generated out to the site. *If you have inline scripts that are dependent upon certain libraries simply do not include them in the /js/ folder as that will not get moved into the combined.min.js file.

Merge Speed
Add speed to your site by reducing the number of requests the browser makes.

Cache Policy
Setting up a resource request policy to have your page request become lighter.

Enhanced Loading
Preload and speed up your JavaScript files, this will help with site health and almost instant rendering like speed.

Site Vitals
Built in Dashboard to tell what can be improved hardware wise on your website hosting platform.

Object Cache
Using a built in WordPress method to will work natively with all Dev.Land websites.

Site Analytics
We have created our own built in Analytics for website’s using our software. We do not collect your data it’s owned by the website owner, and can be used to understand metrics on traffic, pages, sessions, and more.

Go through your logs, block bad bot, ban abusive users, and configure advanced settings.

Inline Style Conversion
Convert heavy inline styles to external files for FID, LCP to help user mobile load times.

Speculation Rules
Pre-rendering of Pages for better INP with Core Web Vitals.

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