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Future Proof.

Development and support for the ease of use and WordPress core releases.

Security Driven.

Security matters and can power a better overall experience.

Lightning Speed.

Your website goal is to reach a 100% lighthouse score for LCP, CLS, and FID.


All in One WordPress APP

Free to try, and exceptional to buy.

Page Cache

Page Caching for (pages, and posts). We support Block layout and Classic sites.

Emoji Disable

Removal of WordPress Emoji library, in performance tests this shows to slow down.


Serve up .WEBP images for enhanced performance

Classic Styles

Disable Classic Wordpress Bloat for a faster website

Contact Form 7

Load forms faster for speed and vital performance

XMLRPC Disabled

Block external access to publishing on your website


Load site resources in the browser, before the page renders

Login Mover

Moves the url to login to your Wordpress website

SrcSet Disable

Disables srcset in featured posts as WordPress enables this by default

Script Resources

Combine your scripts into one script, which will save resource requests.

Content Security Policy

Change the strictness of your site and pass a security test, end bad security

Merge Speed

Add speed to your site by reducing the number of requests the browser makes.

Cache Policy

Setting up a resource request policy to have your page request become lighter.

Preload Images Above Fold

Stop your webpage from over requesting images you don’t need yet, and speed up the images you do need.

Enhanced Loading

Preload and speed up your JavaScript files, this will help with site health and almost instant rendering like speed.

AVIF Conversion

Convert files from native jpg, png, or gif into a smaller web format.

AVIF Pathing

New path to images getting your AVIF site setup correctly and working best.

Site Vitals

Quickly identify problems on your website and optimized settings for success.

Object Cache

Another layer of cache on top of page caching that can speed up page requests.

Database limit

Setup a restriction on how much can be requested in a query in order to have your database run quick.

Save Local

Ignore third party requests upon saving in order to speed on database processing.

Ping Google

Alert ‘googlebot’ of changes to your website, which should decrease time to get your pages indexed.

Site Analytics

Monitor your sites performance with performance analytics built into WordPress.


Control access of users, bots, and suspicious activity.

Inline Style Conversion

Convert heavy inline styles to external files for FID, LCP to help user mobile load times.

Speculation Rules

Pre-rendering of Pages for better INP with Core Web Vitals.


Our Services Beyond the APP


30% of the internet runs on WordPress, and it’s likely you have out dated technology that should be updated and maintained. We are here to help.

Component Design

Why reinvent the wheel, with a new component driven design we offer services to enhance user interface, and solutions to have your user base grow over time.

Problem Solving

No more finger pointing, We can identify problems quickly to move your site into the enhanced category on for enriched search and speed optimizations.

Marketing Strategy

Did you know that most sites leave user exiting with no purchase, and leave users not wanted to ever return. With our go to market strategy we can build your online presence to be growing over time.

Web Development

Good developers adhere to standards, Better developers write their own code to execute business driven decisions. Expert developers create a framework for a less development over time, and more creative development in the future.

Social Media

Broadcasting your message has never been more important it can be the life blood of your business or website. This isn’t your 2015 marketing strategy anymore. Here in 2023 we will make you a format that works for your audience.


Led by our Talent, we have over 20+ years Experience

Making the Web Faster

Working With Clients

Showcasing Our Progress

Who We Are

We are a small team of developers, marketers, and innovators.

Our Vision

After supporting some of the biggest brand name websites, like Coca-Cola, Subway Restaurants, Microsoft, and others we pivoted to build our own business.

Our Mission

Supporting 30% of the internet by making Dev.Land the next frontier growing potentially millions of websites to be rank higher with Google, Bing, and Others.


     Danny Mack
    Danny Mack

    Many WordPress tools in One!

    This is great to have if you’re using WordPress, as you install 1 plugin and you get numerous features. This helps secure your login, caches pages, and even some more high tech stuff I haven’t touched yet. I reached out to support because I had a question about how to whitelabel sites if you’re using it for clients’ sites, and they were very helpful and sounded like they were really passionate about their software.

      Maher Jaidane
      Maher Jaidane

      Literally Impressive

      Enabling the “Script Resources” option is the one option that gave me the best results in PageSpeed tests (literally impressive).


        Streamlines WordPress

        It streamlines the process and guarantees optimal performance and security. Much recommended.

          Alex J
          Alex J

          LCP scores

          Dev.Land has improved my performance, and load time. Script Resources gives great LCP scores and increased traffic.

            Paul S
            Paul S

            Driving Growth

            The developers have huge plans for Dev.Land and it is some of the hidden software driving my business growth.

              Emily M
              Emily M

              Switch to Dev.Land

              I had many WordPress plugins fighting each other for updates, switching to Dev.Land was easy to replace most of them. Highly recommended.

                Michael W
                Michael W

                Sleep Soundly

                An integrated approach to WordPress, I manage hundreds of sites and with Dev.Land installed I’m able to sleep at night.

                  Kelly H
                  Kelly H

                  The Upsell

                  Our agency wasted so much time replicating features across sites that we never get to upselling. Using Dev.Land we have been able to breath again.

                    Vlad R
                    Vlad R

                    Game Changer

                    Security is a concern with WordPress. We had issues managing our software to meet our clients expectations. Using the Site Vitals was a game changer.

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