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Our Pricing

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Tier 1

$7.99 /mo


  • 15 Features
    (see all)
    • Page Caching
    • Emoji Disable
    • WebP
    • Contact Form 7
    • Preloading
    • XMLRPC Disabled
    • Classic Styles
    • Login Mover
    • SrcSet Disable
    • Script Resources
    • Content Security Policy
    • Merge Speed
    • Cache Policy
    • Preload Image Above Fold
    • Enhanced Loading
    • Support
  • 50K page views

Tier 2

$38.99 /mo


  • 23 Features
    (tier 1 included)
    • AVIF conversion
    • AVIF pathing
    • Site Vitals
    • Object Cache
    • Database Limit
    • Save Local
    • Ping Google
    • Site Analytics
  • 200K page views

Tier 3

$114.99 /mo


  • 32 Features
    (tier 2, 1 included)
    • Firewall
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • IP Banning
    • Page Banning
    • User Agent Banning
    • Bot detection
    • Plugin Hidden
    • Inline Style Conversion
    • Speculation Rules
  • 500K page views

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with my existing plugins?

Yes, it should as you can easily enable or disable certain features from the dashboard.

Can I alter the code in the plugin?

To provide the best support to all users and to have synchronized changes to mirror WordPress updates our suggestion is to not alter our code. However we do offer professional services to build custom WordPress integrations and features, please contact us here.

What version of PHP do I need?

Ideally PHP 7.0+, but our software is built with WordPress hooks so as long as your site runs WordPress 6.0+ it should be supported.

So how does WebP work?

You will install our plugin, then migrate existing images, and then going forward you should see all images linked and synced using webp images. If you need help installing gd or imagemagick you should contact your server or web hosting administrator. Depending on the number of images and your comfort level we also offer a one time fee if you need help with migration.

Where can I learn about a proper installation?

You can read our docs here, and also subscribe to our newsletter for product updates.

What happens if I run out of page views?

You can upgrade your plan or exsisting lisence key, the average website gets about 10,000 page views a month you can also reach out to support about meeting your needs. We also send out warnings if your getting close to the limit for your account.

Are your analytics GDPR compliant?

Yes, we do not collect (user personal data like name, email, preferences), we collect information about page views, browser, session, referral, and city country data. We do not collect information with javascript as those methods slow performance.

Where are your analytics data stored?

The data is stored locally on the websites local WordPress database there is no data upload to a third party as this takes too long to be performant.

Do I need a GDPR cookie Banner?

You can place a cookie banner to be compliant with GDPR standards, but we don’t use cookies to collect data.

How does your firewall compare to others?

Yes, we offer various detection to bots and bad page requests. You can ban or whitelist certain requests with our user interface.
Success Stories

“Dev.Land has improved my performance, and load time. Script Resources gives great LCP scores and increased traffic.”

– Alex J

“The developers have huge plans for Dev.Land and it is some of the hidden software driving my business growth.”

– Paul S

“I had many WordPress plugins fighting each other for updates, switching to Dev.Land was easy to replace most of them. Highly recommended.”

– Emily M

“An integrated approach to WordPress, I manage hundreds of sites and with Dev.Land installed I’m able to sleep at night.”

– Michael W

“Our agency wasted so much time replicating features across sites that we never get to upselling. Using Dev.Land we have been able to breath again.”

– Kelly H

“Security is a concern with WordPress. We had issues managing our software to meet our clients expectations. Using the Site Vitals was a game changer.”

– Vlad R

Feature Comparison

Features Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Emoji Disable
Page Cache
Contact Form 7
XMLRPC Disabled
Classic Styles
Login Mover
SrcSet Disable
Script Resources
Content Security Policy
Merge Speed
Preload Images Above Fold
Enhanced Loading
Site Vitals
Object Cache
Database Limit
Save Local
Ping Google
Site Analytics
Real-Time Analytics
IP Banning
Page Banning
User Agent Banning
Bot Detection
Plugin Hidden
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