Road Map

  • November 2022

    Development Starts on Dev.Land

    All new app for WordPress to be an all in one solution to creating a best in class website.

  • March 2023

    Lifetime Sale starts with 1.0 release

    Dev.Land is selling Lifetime memberships with partners.

  • May 2023

    2.0 is released with bug fixes, and now added feature set

    Content Security Policy, and more jQuery support, help keep users happy with support for the product. The main app has a motion setting now turned off as it was default previously.

  • June 2023

    3.0 is released with License SDK update to patch security fix injections.

    This release includes the 15 features released as a part of our tier1 plan.

  • July 2023

    3.0.5 has bug fixes

    We fixed the Webp app issues, and now allow native .webp to be uploaded as well.

  • August 2023

    3.0.6 Cache enabled in WordPress Testing, build enabled for WordPress 6.3

    We added headers to pages that meet specs and test for upcoming WordPress release.

  • September 2023

    4.0 build is released

    License API changes, fix for more 6.3 changes, and additional script resource bug fixes.

  • October 2023

    4.2.0 build is with new coming soon features

    This build contains new features that we being built for the platform, the lifetime deal ends October 30th.

  • November 2023

    4.4.2 build is released with 6.4 WordPress release

    New features include Firewall, AVIF, Google Ping, Analytcis, License API changes, compatability with PHP 7.4+, and AVIF format is now added file format. Also released support for 15 native languages.

  • December 2023

    4.6.2 build is released with Inline Style Conversion

    New features includes the best feature to improve Google Core Web Vitals, also enabled a language reset button for frozen language saved options.

  • January 2024

    Demo Videos Released

    We created three demo videos, two were about the feature set of Dev.Land the other was an install, test, and speed run of how to get started.

  • May 2024

    Express Install Button

    Our app has 31 a full featured options and now you can install 14 of the most popular options in under 30 seconds.

  • May 2024

    Speculation Rules

    You can now add pre-rendering of pages commonly linked from your website in the browser. This will help your INP with core web vitals.

May 2024
  • Q2

    In-Page Analytics

    More details in funneling of user pages, and how to look as each users path over time. Additional goal conversion setup and various graphs to show success.

  • Q3

    Firewall Expansion

    Configuration settings for disabling Anonymous traffic, blocking of known bad bot networks, potential for adding learning capabilities to make your firewall work for you with less need to be managing the firewall yourself.

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