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As a way to manage a WordPress website there isn’t a lot of built in tools to really help. There is something called heartbeat for WordPress which comes built in with every website which basically identifies some install issues or problems with your host or saving updates every couple of seconds.

This is where this tool falls short just because you have recommended fixes doesn’t mean site owner know how to fix the issues at hand. Some of the fixes you can change in heartbeat and some you can adjust via a plugin. However some are unknown to heartbeat which are your ‘Site Vitals’ based on what your host or server has setup in hardware or php modules or other server based software to help power your site when WordPress is really just software that runs on top of all that.

With the new ‘Site Vitals’ features coming to Dev.Land we see this as a potential way to quickly identify issues with your site, your host and potentially adding new complex features like AVIF image extension, Memory usage, APCu for php software enhancement and more.

With our new “tier 2” plan coming sometime this fall you can see a much better way to manage your site on a technical level as certain features like Memory, Database Name, PHP modules availability and Image support as well as many more features.

Stay tuned for more updates on development and updates with DevLand.