Simply put is WordPress for Dummies?

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WordPress allows anyone to build a website with its famous 5 minute install, so technically (no I’m just kidding).

I believe in using data to answer questions like this, I found that WordPress is the most popular CMS software (WordPress (30+ Million Live Websites) on the web powering millions of websites. The bar for who uses WordPress is low so anyone can learn how to use the software which has helped the usage grow over time being one of the most easy to use website open software available. WordPress does not require you to have great intelligence with its millions of plugins and themes you can simply try installing your way to success. Also it appear WordPress is one of the easiest (content management systems) systems gaining support for artificial intelligence, so now or in the future you might be able to have ‘ai’ help you write your story, make updates, and changes for success.

Another thing to consider is the entry point and ease of use is low, but to make a good WordPress site generally can cost lots of money in terms of hosting, software maintenance and experience to build a website with the correct software and hardware needed to reach millions of new users and have your website grow organically.

In terms of a definitive answer “Everyone who uses WordPress is not a dummy, and not dumb either”. You can get started with making a wordpress website locally using something like local for free. You can also even launch a free WordPress website on which will have limited customization, but allow you to try the software at no cost and even make a free page. The transition from there to your own hosted environment is pretty similar except you get to keep your own data, and make visual changes to your website.