Google Lighthouse Fraud

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Recently while building the latest version of DEV.LAND we discovered a bunch of plugins claiming to give 100% “Google Lighthouse” scores.

Here is an article claiming the same thing.. from 2021. It appears this has been happening over and over. As someone who has advocated what Google has been talking about as a true SEO method and user experience metric to live by this is all so disappointing.

The scam works by selecting the user agent or bot of the application name, and then rewriting your page just for Google Lighthouse or whatever the application is that you are testing against. Just so you know we believe this is unethical to see an application with inflated test scores as it proves nothing and Google will detect the difference from end user to test results potentially banning your website from search all together.

In the 20+ years I’ve been working in the development space I haven’t seen anything quite this bad. Obviously we will continue to provide tools to increase your score, but never manipulate it. We even offer services beyond our app which will hopefully get your score into the green level to be enriched for optimal search results.

Having a good score is one dimension that can allow your business to grow online. Developers and businesses can spend countless hours building for this ideal metrics. Please consider reaching out to us for help our expertise can be essential in organic ranking and user experience. If you intend to survive in this new frontier of ai content, and optimal page rendering and ranking changes.