DevLand Updates for August

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July has been a relatively quiet month here, I’ve been really busy with my personal life and mini vacation trips. I hope to get back on track with development, marketing, and outline of a roadmap as soon as I have some more time.

Did you know?

DevLand is used in over 20+ countries, and on 100’s of websites. We are growing rapidly. One of the features are planning to support is native language for our dashboard interface so we can further expand into new markets.

WordPress 6.3 release

We plan on testing an releasing an update to be compatible with the latest release of WordPress which is due August 8th. So far testing seems to reveal no compatibility problems. It will be easier to test on more build when the release is public, please note if you experience any issue to reach out to our support.

Development Updates

Currently working on new features like AVIF format for images, however due to the support not being 100% across all major browser we have to come up with a solution for modern browser enhancement. We also are looking to integrate our caching into a CDN service at least one to start as it was another feature commonly requested by our community. We also have plans to release more complicated features but due to the list getting so long at the moment we are going to reveal more finalized features as they are ready and completed.

Marketing and Promotions

Currently we offer 1 single tier to our service, and a single plan that involves as many sites and features as we can make. This will evolve over time we do plan to allow all our early purchasers to be supported on a tier 1 license this will be limited to only tier 1. The date of tier 2 has yet to be determined, but we wanted to stress that any purchase made now until the end of September 30th will be honored still as a LTD with tier 1 only. We want to mention this now so there isn’t any confusion when this change happens down the road. If you have more questions please reach out to support.

Again that you for your support and we hope to build a better product with your help.