Dev.Land Release 3.0.0

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After much work in the last 4 weeks we have moved onto the next latest major release scheduled for sometime this upcoming coming week.

We have listened to our user feedback about the pain points of having a slow website and what could be improved and we create four new must have features in several thousands of lines of code revisions.

New Features in version 3.0.0 include: Merge Speed, Cache Policy, Preload Image Above Fold, and Enhanced Loading.
Please read the documentation to learn about all these new features and see our change log for all the upcoming changes.

The two best new features are Merge Speed, and Enhanced Loading with those options enabled you will see a lot of code restructuring benefits. Also enabling Cache Policy will help add Gzip or Brotoli to your site if they are installed as well as a typical resource request policy as defined by the Google Docs team.

We plan to release a how to use the new features video soon, along with a before and after metrics comparison video and backup our claims that our software really does work.

FYI for our fans, we do plan on having some merch available soon we are working through finding a trusted partner. We are also partnering with another app store very soon to help boost our audience, and AppSumo did unexpectedly stop our current lifetime deal for no reason what so ever. If you did join us from AppSumo we are still honoring that deal and the lifetime guarantee.

Thank you and more to come soon.