Dev.Land now available in 10 localized languages

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We ran through our main goals for expansion and we saw that Dev.Land is in use in over 24+ countries world wide so we adapted our WordPress plugin to feature native local languages. We are really excited about this release you can test out all 10 languages by going to ‘settings -> general’ and then selecting a new site language for WordPress. The new languages are as follows: Italian, Danish, Spanish(Spain), Portuguese (Brazil), German (formal), Malay, French (France), French (Canada), Dutch (Belgium), and Japanese.

Our app is machine translated, if you have better translations to provide please reach out here. We hope to make our local build languages more natural in the future. We also want to note that the upgrade was not easy a lot of pieces were changed, and if you are testing out multiple languages you have to go to app settings and wipe your local user data in order to have settings and language updated.

The language and options reset, will help changing stored settings into other languages, however you will lose your settings as they need to be reset.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy a local build language.