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One of the most frustrating things…

Is the performance of WordPress out of the box is great, but doesn’t have many features to help developers or small businesses.

WordPress has long been developed for any level of development skill, however the more plugins and themes you have the worse your site will generally perform and or conflict.

Why are there so many plugins generally installed with WordPress?

This is more of a bug / security problem than ever before. Typically if you couldn’t build or design something in WordPress you can install something to fix the problem built as a one off solution for $10 – $50 to solve that feature or layer on that well thought out solution.

Developers would love to build those singular plugins but don’t necessarily know how your website is constructed, but language your site supports which core version you are running and how many conflicts this may run into.

Solutions to Every Problem..

That is what we offers for WordPress.

Please give us a shot we plan on supporting our software for lifetime licenses. If you find our software useful exciting and easy to use please consider sharing our name and software amongst the community. We are building the top 10 most painful WordPress features to be solved for launch which consists of optimization, security, performance, and of course images.

For every problem there is an elegant solution and that’s what our software offers, we do plan to disclose the feature set at launch with a really simple way to turn on and off each feature as your site might not need everything.

Stay tuned for more sneak peak updates and launch times.