Google Bard for Search, or Chatbot

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Signed up, and ready to bard. I’m still waiting for an invite to really dig in an get that full bard experience. A lot of times with google beta or alpha software the experience isn’t quite what you were hoping for. As this is likely a Chart GPT competitor, it will probably be somewhat similar to GPT. I think the results and design schema might look more like google cards and carousel.

Obviously this is a new product for google, but it’s likely to be playing catch up like Google Video was a poor experience, but great idea.

I’ve read so many things about Chat-GPT recently, I’m mostly curious how “Bard” would do with similar questions, I also read about Amazon’s Chat program, and Elon Musk’s fomo (fear of missing out) of jumping into starting an “Ai” competitor type company after he invested in open ai and now how “Open Ai” is really mostly open ai, as Microsoft has now funded them.

How doesn’t any of this have anything to do with development you might ask? Well it turns out the chat bots can program pretty well or can help you to learn things much faster than googling all day long.

Stay Tuned for more updates.