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We just started onboarding to our affiliate program we will pay out 15% of the order total, on new users. You can review our product and link to our affiliate URL and then earn a commission on the sale. Sales must be first time buyers, and purchase through our website. This would be part of our annual or monthly plan which is different that a lifetime sale as we can’t sell lifetime sales to compete with our partner programs currently. We are working towards what would our annual program include, and so far we are thinking of allowing access to our beta dev land product, and potentially new up and coming features much sooner. Once all our lifetime deals end this will be the only way to signup with our software.

Questions about the program:
You will receive your payout via freemius when your earned amount reaches $100 dollars.

Monitoring sales is possible, in our dashboard.

If you can onboard 50 users, we will include a 10% revenue share with reoccurring subscription plans.

For more information contact us here.