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Having some of the best tools to help you on your path to success is what our app Dev.Land offers. Our software allows for a comprehensive approach to fixing some of the issues around speed that is part of the WordPress core software.

Our solution to making a suite of tools is to better optimize some of the main development pain points with WordPress understanding what your server is enabled for. Take advantage of your native hardware. One problem is that WordPress doesn’t easily integrate with hardware, yes WordPress is open source and can run on many different environments but is your website setup best for your environment?

Our Core Vitals app solves just that having the ability to identify your Memcache, Redis, OPcache, or APCu is setup correct for the development of your site. You can also see if your site is healthy based on the dial colors of red needing help, yellow being a bit less than ideal and green being optimized under the types of hardware on your server. The reason this is part of our suite of tools is it saves a ton of time identifying issues with your website. WordPress tries it’s best to optimize its install but using its software we try to show you where potential problems might be so you can scale or fix the hardware to mirror a site with good vitals.

Does your website have GA4 or google tag manager running? Did you know that while this code is useful for site metrics it also can provide a slow performance to the users on your site also as it does take time blocking a page in order to capture the users actions like browser, page, and time on website.

Using our own built in metrics you can see your page views, real time traffic updates, referral traffic and more with out any slow capturing of page load. I know you must think we are crazy, how can google slow down your website. Well its not their fault entirely, but you are sending all your website data to google and it takes awhile for them to process and collect and then return the webpage. Google’s GA4 had a complete overhaul of this process to be faster more anonymous and easily adaptable to apps and other things to collect on however it really is much more and less at the same time as Google gave you more features it also took away some features also.

Unlike Google, our software doesn’t use front-end collection of metrics which in doing so adds no blockers to page load. Our data analytics is hosted by our clients on their own server which eliminates the GDPR you are 1st party collecting your own data hosted by you, we do not collect individual user personal information so users are happy also. Why not get control of your own website data, we have no intention to syndicate your data so your data is stored safe on your hosted server. We add data visualization on your data however so you can read through the collection metrics and use it for site improvements.

From the log screen seen above you can ‘1 click ban’ any of the blue links so that you can easily disable page pages, bots, user agents, and IP addresses.

Once your website reaches potential for income and in the growth stage you will notice a spike in traffic and income. It is at this time that security is the most important thing to your website, and not addressing concerns will truly impact the ability to open for business.

With our WordPress suite you can take control of ‘bad bots’, invalid page traffic, spying data leakers, and brute force entry into your database. With WordPress being open-source it invites open source hackers who will try to find a way into your website to extort money from your business. Dev.Land stops these problems by giving you control of your site with our firewall solution part of our suite of tools you can quickly stop these problems before they start. Yes there are many other tools and ways to also cross check your site before it is too late, but ultimately our firewall will run and give the site management team better support to fight these malicious attacks easily and all in the same tool in order to make your site run smooth and your business excel.

Oh and did we mention all of these tools are inside of WordPress there isn’t different magical website to go to you simple just click on in your WordPress website and navigate to the desired view. If you are not convinced of the advantages here we invite you to try our software for a discount coupon of ‘NOV20’ for 20% off if you sign up in November 2023. We are confident in our software and will continue to innovate as we grow as we now serve over 24 different counties worldwide and are growing daily.