10 Things to look for in WordPress 6.3

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WordPress powers more than 43% of the web, as WordPress evolves you will need to keep your website up to date in order to take advantage of the latest, and coming soon features.

  1. Phase 3 of Gutenberg Project: WordPress 6.3 will likely focus on features related to Phase 3 of the Gutenberg project, which is Collaboration. This phase aims to introduce new capabilities for workflows and real-time collaboration in the block editor.

  2. APIs: WordPress 6.3 may include various APIs related to Phase 3 of Gutenberg, such as Fonts API, Interactivity API, and Block API. These APIs will provide developers with more tools to enhance and extend the block editing experience.

  3. Openverse Search in Core: Openverse is a project that aims to integrate a free and open media search into WordPress. In WordPress 6.3, it’s possible that Openverse search will be integrated into the core, making it easier for users to find and use media content.

  4. Navigation Block: The addition of a Navigation block could provide a more flexible and user-friendly way to manage website navigation, allowing users to create and customize menus using the block editor.

  5. Media Management Improvements: WordPress is likely to introduce enhancements to media management, making it easier to organize and manage media files within the block editor.

  6. PHP 8.2 Compatibility: WordPress 6.3 might aim to be compatible with PHP 8.2, the latest version of PHP, to ensure optimal performance and security. There is also rumors of only supporting PHP 7.0+.

  7. Block Theme Development Tools: The release may include tools to assist developers in creating block themes more efficiently, allowing for a more seamless integration of blocks into theme designs.

  8. Custom CSS and Theme Variations: WordPress 6.3 might bring improvements to the Custom CSS feature, allowing users to further customize block themes and maintain customizations across different theme variations.

  9. Template Content Preservation: The update could introduce mechanisms to preserve and manage template content when switching between block themes or modifying templates.

  10. Starter Content in Block Themes: Starter content is a feature that enables users to get started quickly by providing pre-filled content. WordPress 6.3 may expand this feature to block themes, offering users a better starting point for their websites.

When can we expect 6.3? According to the WordPress release schedule it will be August 8th 2023.