Speculation API for INP and Web Vitals

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Pre-rendering is a newer concept for the web as we had pre-connecting, and pre-fetching, but now with pre-rendering you can request a whole page to load next much faster. The problem is WordPress doesn’t current support this, but Dev.Land does so as you navigate to a new page the page will load quicker.

Why isn’t this being built into every page of my site?

Great question, and to answer that it can be. Dev.Land has the ability to load in the next 10 best pages per the user navigating your website. Our code will look at the links on your page a propose to the browser to consider loading in the next page quickly. The best part it is simple to enable in 1 click and you can see the difference and notice in your user metrics that time of site and user engagement is higher.

Also you can save up to 35% on any Dev.Land plan using the code “D101” please try dev.land’s software and simple solutions to silly problems that WordPress doesn’t offer a solution to currently.